Liqui-Cult™ test kits are used to detect microbial growth in fluids, in the laboratory and in the workplace.

Areas of application include water, metalworking fluids, hydrocarbons, and other liquids such as cleaners, cosmetics, liquid soaps and detergents, etc.

Liqui-Cult™ testing determines the type and degree of infestation usually measured by the more expensive plate count system. To use the kit, simply fill the 5cc syringe (included in your kit) with the fluid to be tested. Inject the complete 5cc through the rubber cap of the test bottle containing the liquid agar and shake it vigorously. Incubate for 30 hrs for bacterial growth or 72 hrs for fungal growth and compare it to the appropriate photo charts to determine the degree of contamination.

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MCE Testing Kits

MCE Combi I is the Metal Working Chemical version of Easicult Combi. This two sided dip slide test for both bacteria; as well as yeast, mold, and fungi.

MCE Combi II is a two sided dip slide that tests for both bacteria; as well as yeast, mold, and fungi. The MCE Combi Microbial Dip Slides are used to detect microbial growth in industrial fluids, in the workplace and in the laboratory. Their areas of application include monitoring of metalworking fluids and coolants, circulating cooling tower water and process tower water systems.

MCE Combi determines the type and degree of microbial infestation usually measured by expensive plate counts. To use simply saturate the dip slide with the fluid, incubate the slide for the recommended period and then compare to the color chart which is provided. Once the growth has been confirmed a coordinated program of biocide use should be utilized to control the level of bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus in the system. A routine maintenance program should then be established using the MCE Combi Dip Slides. This will allow you to control or eliminate the problem and extend the life of the fluids.

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Easicult TTC– These dip slides are covered on both sides with TTC medium which promotes the growth of the most common bacteria. It is intended for estimating total bacterial counts.

Easicult Combi–These dip slides are double sided with two mediums. On one side it is coated with TTC agar which promotes the growth of the most common bacteria. The other side is covered with Rose Bengal agar, which promotes the growth of molds and yeasts. The slide is intended for simultaneous estimation of total bacterial counts, yeasts and molds.

When “bugs” (bacteria, yeast and fungi) live in industrial fluids and coolants, they grow by “eating” the fluid components and cause a chemical breakdown or an acidic condition. These conditions lead to expensive and time consuming breakdowns.

EASICULT gives you an early warning of microbial growth in your process fluids, allowing you to identify and eliminate this growth with industrial strength biocides or other antimicrobial agents. If you are currently using such agents, EASICULT provides an easy way to monitor the effectiveness of these “bug killers”, alerting you to the need for further applications.

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Cool Tool II

COOL TOOL II is a universal cutting and tapping fluid that performs extremely well on ALL metals including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, exotic alloys and some plastics.

COOL TOOL II does NOT contain 1,1,1- trichloroethane. COOL TOOL II contains NO ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs).

Apply COOL TOOL II cutting and tapping fluid directly to the cutting tool using a brush, oil can or other convenient applicator.

May be used for drilling, tapping, reaming, milling, turning, boring, broaching, hobbing and blanking of all metals.

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