MCE Combi - 10 test per kit $30
MCE Combi II is a two sided dip slide that tests for both bacteria; as well as yeast, mold, and fungi. 

MCE Combi II- 10 test per kit $33

MCE Combi II is the Metal Working Chemical version of Easicult Combi. This two sided dip slide test for both bacteria;  as well as yeast, mold, and fungi.

Areas of application
• Settling Pools
• Circulating Water Systems
• Filtration Applications
• Water based metalworking fluid/coolants
• Waste water treatment systems
• Process towers and cooling towers
• Storage tanks
• Other liguids such as: cleaners, cosmetics, liquid soaps, detergents

The MCE Combi Microbial Dip Slides are used to detect microbial growth in industrial fluids, in the workplace and in the laboratory. Their areas of application include monitoring of metalworking fluids and coolants, circulating cooling tower water and process tower water systems.

MCE Combi determines the type and degree of microbial infestation usually measured by expensive plate counts. To use simply saturate the dip slide with the fluid, incubate the slide for the recommended period and then compare to the color chart which is provided. Once the growth has been confirmed a coordinated program of biocide use should be utilized to control the level of bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus in the system. A routine maintenance program should then be established using the MCE Combi Dip Slides. This will allow you to control or eliminate the problem and extend the life of the fluids.

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