Metalworking Chemicals & Equipment

Detect microbial growth in

fluids in the laboratory and in the workplace. Areas of application include water, metalworking fluids,  hydrocarbons, and other liquids such as cleaners, cosmetics, liquid soaps and detergents.

Used to detect microbial growth in industrial fluids, the workplace, and the laboratory. Used for the monitoring of metalworking fluids and coolants, circulating cooling tower water and process tower water systems.

Simple do it yourself kits for microbial contamination of industrial fluids, metalworking coolants, cutting oils, engine lubricating oils, emulsions, slurry pools and cooling tower process water.

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A leading supplier of microbial test kits for: metalworking, emulsions, fuels, slurry pools, and industrial process streams; our do it yourself testing kits make microbial problem solving easier than ever! Microbial growths such as bacteria, yeast and mold can be a serious problem for fuel storage tanks and equipment! Let us help you detect them before they lead to dangerous corrosion and clogs.